• Do you need to find looks that speak “powerful”, “approachable”, “confident”?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you look in your closet?
  • Has your personal appearance or life changed and your looks need to speak a new message?
  • Are you ready to reinvent, reclaim yourself?


LOOKS SPEAK process:

Step 1. We get to know you, your goals, your needs, your lifestyle.  Identify your best colors, those  which make you look and feel awake, vibrant and powerful. Determine the style and fit which best accentuates, balances, camouflages and feels comfortable. Define your authentic, finest self and the message your visual presence needs to communicate and resonate in order to feel and radiate the confidence to proceed effortlessly toward accomplishing your goals.

Step 2. Closet Editing (or go directly to Step 3). Review and organize items in your closet to distinguish which items are aligned with step 1, mix and match to maximize your wardrobe and establish a list of future purchases to round out your wardrobe.

Step 3. Personal Shopping, shop together or we can shop for you!!

Every client’s LOOKS SPEAK is unique!


Wardrobe Strategy and Styling– Aligning outer appearance with your goals, personality, lifestyle, comfort, occasion, venue, and audience, allows your confidence, competence and credentials to shine. Clothing is a tool.  When a polished outer appearance accompanies you at the podium, boardroom, date, or special occasion, you can relax, confident you are ready to impress.

Closet Editing– Your closet should be a happy place where each piece brings you joy and correlates with your wardrobe strategy. We go through your closet, piece by piece and determine what works, how to mix and match and identify items needed to round out your wardrobe.

Personal Shopping– Too busy to shop? Shopping overwhelming? Looking for specific pieces? After assessing your needs we will bring you all the right stuff! No mistakes, no wasted time and money! All joy! And if you prefer we can shop together, or a little of both!

Event Styling– Sometimes it’s just about the perfect outfit(s) for a specific presentation, occasion, date, business trip or vacation!

Looks Speak Direct– Direct image counsel when and where you need it via phone, skype or text. See something and wondering if it is something you should purchase, text a photo! Dressing for an event and have last minute questions, text a photo!

Impression Coaching– Define goals and set a course of action to achieve those goals. The plan is personalized and will include identifying and implementing your best color, fit, style and messaging to meet your objectives.










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