Hemline Theory. Don’t Hem Me In!

Sheila is working double time! This morning I received several newsy items in my in box , she is amazing!  I think she has made up for what happened to me in the second grade.  The article she pulled from WSJ reminded me of the Mrs. Goodstein/Lori Shapiro incident in the second grade. More on that later!  Lets talk Hemlines!!

According to WSJ, mini skirts, short skirt suits are in!  Hello Ally McBeal!!!!

Hemlines Go Up! http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-new-miniskirt-suit-fashions-tribute-to-ally-mcbeal-1471893715

Now I hope this also implies the economist George Taylor is correct, short hemlines indicate economic boom.  The Hemline Theory dates back to the 1920’s, the thought was women raise their hemline to show off their silk stockings.  In bad times, women wear long skirts to hide the fact that they are not wearing stockings.

Hemlines Go Up!

So here’s what happened in the second grade. We were in our library class. The librarian, Mrs. Goodstein called me to the front of the class and pointed to my hemline. She proceeds to tell and show the class how short my skirt was and that it was inappropriate. I stood there holding back my tears. In swooped my classmate Lori Shapiro. Lori ran to the front of the class, grabbed my arm and pulled me back to my seat, simultaneously Lori was yelling at Mrs. Goodstein to stop picking on me. Well Goodstein had to have the last words, “does your mother know how short your skirts are?” I was in the second grade, my mother dressed me for goodness sakes!!! And there in was the root of the problem, Mrs. Goodstein had it out for my mother!  My mother was a substitute teacher and Goodstein was jealous of Sheila!! Sheila is and always was gorgeous!!! Sheila’s skirts were as short as mine and she looked amazing!! Goodstein couldn’t take her envy out on Sheila, Sheila would have clocked her! (And I’m not kidding, maybe in another blog I will tell you how Sheila beat up Adele, our neighbor,  Adele, a fully grown adult had pushed me. Sheila retaliated, take that Adele.) Sheila is fearless!!

So I say, if you want to wear a mini skirt, go for it, raise your hemline, the Mrs. Goodstein’s of the world be damned!!!  Don’t be hemmed in and a slave to any one hemline.  I am proud my mother and I through her, we were (are) always fashion forward!!!  Now, what will they bring back next? Hot pants?



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