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No secret technology is part of every facet of our lives.  Technology makes so many things possible, easier, enriching. On the negative side, many worry human interaction is waning because technology can distance us from our fellow (wo)man.  Looks Speak will be covering how technology is now wearable and where (wear) that may lead us. Look Speak has coined the word “FASTECHY” referring to the ever growing phenomenon of Fashion Technology. The letters F-A-S  is for FASHION.  The T-E-C-H for TECHNOLOGY, which gives you FASTECH. The Y is added on the end of Fastech, which gives you-FASTECHY. A  Y at the end of a word makes it all so personal and endearing. And, in this case it helps counter the impersonal reputation of technology.

When Deanny (Dean with y at end) calls (called) me Mom(my) or my niece and nephew call me Franny, it all sounds so warm and fuzzy.  Maybe that is why (Y), technology folks (who used to be called geeks and thought of as loners when I was growing up), refer to themselves as techies. Too bad they used the i-e to create the y sound, “techy” would have warmed things up for them even further.  Right? More, Touch-y Feel-y.

We all are aquatinted with the apple watch and the fitbit, all wearable technology seen on just about everyone. And, most of us, especially in marketing are familiar with analytics that measure sentiment across the web over the course of a specified time period. Now fashion technology measure sentiment.  How long until we all wear a collar? The “Phebster”, aka “Pheb-y” my dog sports a collar so I can keep her reined in, will I be next?

NY Magazine/FASTECHY #LooksSpeak

NY Magazine/FASTECHY #LooksSpeak

New York Magazine has an article announcing a 3-D collar which when worn around ones neck can detect when someone is gazing at you and react to people for you. The collar can either shrink or extend “porcupine-like spines in the direction of  the eye contact”. What next? Will I be wearing a belt that eats for me so I never have to exert the energy to chew? Talk about one technology replacing another.  TV usurping radio, the web usurping TV, now this new collar replaces a need for my fitbit since there is no need to measure my steps, technology is making it so I do not need to move at all!

FASTECHY is not only here to stay, it will be blossoming.  Look Speak is here to shed light on all of the upcoming possibilities.  Who knows, maybe we will create a fashionable technology of our own. A Looks Speak scarf that opens up to a magic carpet, which eliminates the hassle of having to decide between Uber and Lyft, or the Looks Speak umbrella that does a Mary Poppins thing, also eliminating Uber and Lyft. Wow, Uber and Lyft should start worrying, Looks Speak is on their tail!!

Watch for more FASTECHY news!!! #FASTECHY Spread the word!


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