Clothing is Alive!!! Viva La Wardrobe!!!


Clothing is personal, it is alive, it breathes!!! Jennifer Grant, the daughter of Carey Grant, donated her fathers clothing to charity.  Grants suits do not hang in a museum, they outfit men looking for work, all the while, these men have no idea of their original owner. The suits, when allowed (not sold off in auction to hang in a museum) continue to breath, they live on!!  They are purposeful!!  The Wall Street Journal quotes Jennifer Grant, “clothing carries someone’s scent. It’s very personal.”

Clothing is alive, clothing has a voice, clothing “speaks”!!  Ones wardrobe must be nurtured and used purposely. A life worth living is one with meaning. When Ted Stevens faced a tough Senate debate he wore a tie with the image of the Incredible Hulk.  Whenever I want to feel extra strong and channel my inner Donnie, or bring my father with me to places I know he would have loved to visit, I wear the tie he loved best to wear. (That’s the tie in the photo, I wore it to both RNC and DNC 2016 conventions, if Donnie were still alive we would have had endless conversations about these conventions and the election.)

Ted Stevens Power Tie

Ted Stevens Power Tie  tough debate clothing

Ted Stevens understood the power of wardrobe management.  Now, not everyone can pull off an Incredible Hulk tie, nor should they.  That is the very point of wardrobe management, authenticity.  I am a big advocate for Wardrobe Management.  In fact “Looks Speak” is trademarked and is a process of being strategic with your wardrobe, managing the use and affect of clothing on ones self as well as on others.  Its not trickery or trendy, Looks Speak is about bringing forward one’s best self so we can embrace our authentic selves and when our “looks” “speak” our highest self, we define who we are to the world.  Not the other way around!

So, go to your closet, let your wardrobe breathe!! As we approach a new season (Autumn is very close, hard to believe), this is a great time to do some closet editing.  If an item no longer feels alive, donate it or sell it to someone who will give it new life!! To every thing there is a season!!!


DADS TIE GOES TO RNC & DNC CONVENTIONS – convention clothing





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