Back to School! Photo Op!!!!



Back To School #LooksSpeak

Back To School #LooksSpeak

September is here tomorrow, to me, the month forever associated with BACK to SCHOOL. Every year I would look forward to my mother buying me new clothes, a new handbag (pocket book), pencil case, lunchbox, etc. And of course, back to school also meant the photo op.,  those dreaded photographs.  Sheila didn’t miss a photo op!!!! There are several photo’s of me floating around from way back when, always sporting a new outfit and lunchbox on Back to School morning. Thank goodness we didn’t have Facebook back then!!!!

Sheila emailed me an article this morning about decorating handbags and I immediately thought, how timely!!!  Back to School, Photo Ops, Handbags, my mind zeroed in on a lunchbox/handbag Sheila made years ago.  Thank goodness, unlike me, Sheila saves everything!!!!  See her design circa 1970’s. Get inspired! I am!!!  Check out these vintage lunchbox’s on Etsy, just waiting for a little decoupage!!!

Note, in Sheila’s designer lunchbox she swapped the original handle with a decorative black chain.  She found photo’s, announcements, news clippings, etc., pasted to surface, set shellac and voila!

Sporting photo’s on your handbag is a fabulous way to share your photo’s and getting them out from under the pages of a photo albums or computer. Another photo opportunity is in home decorating.  I always feel sad the few photo’s I have taken only live in some album or cell phone, so I decided to sport them all over my flat, especially my dressing room.

I do not have any dressers or cabinets, instead I use large plastic tubs, left over from my house fire. The cleaners packed the few surviving shoes and handbags in these ugly plastic tubs. I have since decorated them with photo’s and my dressing room is a wall to wall reminder of happy days!!! Then, because I am obsessive and can’t get enough of a good thing, I started pasting photo’s on everything!  Now my shoe box’s are covered. I wouldn’t be surprised if next I do an entire wall.  My only limitation is  that I was so traumatized by all of those back to school photo’s, I hardly ever take photo’s. What a dummy I am!!!


PHOTO OPP-Decorate with Photo's #LooksSpeak

PHOTO OP-Decorate with Photo’s #LooksSpeak

Photo Opp #LooksSpeak

PHOTO OP-Closet Art #LooksSpeak


Vintage Lunchbox #LooksSpeak

Vintage Lunchbox #LooksSpeak, Etsy, Waiting for Decoupage

Lunchbox by Sheila, #BackToSchool, #LooksSpeak

Lunchbox by Sheila, #BackToSchool, #LooksSpeak

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