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Too Tight Too Loose? Anyone get the joke? (Other than you, Mom!) #ToulousLautrec #Phillips Collection.

Even though this is a fashion blog (sort of!), and the “too tight too loose” seems fitting, it is actually an old joke, nothing to do with a garment being too tight or too loose.  It’s a punchline in reference to Toulous Lautrec.

The Phillips Collection has over a hundred of Lautrec’s works on display right now. And this show is no joke!  Go see!!!  I am even headed back to take it all in again (and again!). The exhibition is a collaboration between the Montreal Museum of  Fine Arts and The Phillips.

The iconic Moulin Rouge poster is on display! His very first experimentation with lithography. Additionally, you will find “never before trial proofs”.

Come discover the master who revolutionized printmaking!!!

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