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What is “Absolute Beauty”? Is Absolute Beauty a good hair day? Hmm, love those days, and we shouldn’t underrate its power. My friend in High School claimed she failed her driving test because her hair came out all wrong that day! Or, is “Absolute Beauty” the scale when it registers the “perfect” weight? Hmm, love those days too, like more of those please! Or, is “Absolute Beauty” a kind heart and warm smile? Certainly also true! Well, for the purpose of this blog post, the “Absolute Beauty” I am referring to is Pratima Raichur’s book, Absolut Beauty, skin care through the ancient secrets of Ayurveda.

Quick background and personal disclaimer regarding Ayurveda. I’m a newbee to this pre third century practice. So what you read here should be investigated further, I have a few centuries to catch up on. According to Ayurveda, the three Doshas (biological energies throughout the human body and mind) are the key to our unique nature. After identifying your primary dosha, from there it is about maintaining balance. Illness, disease, infection, mood, nutrition, skin care, etc relates back to the balance/imbalance of the doshas.

Remember Garbage In/Garbage Out in the early days of computing? What does all of that have to do with “Absolut Beauty”? Everything! In Raichur’s book she certainly discusses proper external skin care treatments and how to nourish your skin according to your dosha. However, these topical remedy’s, she reports in Absolute Beauty, while vital, as a stand alone they are not sufficient. “Indeed”, writes Raichur, “I cannot overemphasize the internal aspects of care, especially diet and the all-important stress reducing techniques of meditation, massage, and breathing.”

The term Ayurveda derives from the Sanskrit, “ayus’ (life) and “veda” (knowledge). Throughout the upcoming weeks, I will try to offer some “AyurFranda”. AKA, Fran’s Knowledge. Oy(us) Vey(da)!!!!! Or the more identifiable ancient Yiddish phrase: OY VEY! Fran Knowledge??????? Especially Fran knowledge on balance? We all know, to steal the words of Terrance Howard, I “ain’t got no equilibrium”!!!

TODAYS AyurFranda:

Three sets of 2 Minute “Planks” may or may not get me washboard abs. But I can tell you firsthand, I did this the other day and my stomach muscles hurt so badly I believe my abs are better than ever. So much so, I am now committing to this practice at least every other day. Okay, maybe once a week. But definitely again today because tonight I have my sights set on Peppermint Ice Cream. And no, none of the Doshas include Peppermint Ice Cream. But remember, my blog, my rules.

AYURFRANDA! (Now we all know how Dean came by believing in Dean-O-Topia! Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!)

Belts, Never Take for Granted!

The Belt, ah, the beauty of a well made, interestingly shaped Belt!! A simple belt can change an outfit in seconds flat. Okay, admittedly, maybe a minute or two if it’s a complicated belt. But really folks, the belt should never be taken for granted. When I was pregnant, albeit decades ago, I still remember longing to be able to wear a belt again!!

There are endless opportunities for the belt. The most obvious is with men’s trousers. A man should always check that his belt is impeccable if he is wearing it in combination with a suit or sports coat. On those occasions, a worn belt looks sloppy and screams middle manager. Not as offensive as a short sleeve shirt and tie, but close since the short sleeve shirt and tie is pretty much extinct.

Women have a number of ways to adorn a belt. A large belt worn on an angle can hide, camouflage and most importantly, balance a look. I really love to wear belts this way! Another favorite trick is to wear a long scarf draped around the neck. I will cinch the belt around my waist and draw the scarf in next to my body. You can then blouse the belt some, still having your top peek through in the middle and/or pull the scarf closed like a curtain and wear it completely covering the chest and it gives a vest like effect. When traveling a belt and a couple of scarves can take an outfit and multiply it a couple of times over! If you need to justify the cost of a belt, just think of it as an entire outfit and if you travel, think about the money you save on luggage fee’s since the belt allows you to pack less! (If you need more ways to justify, see me, I have been known to stretch an excuse for a purchase a length equivalent to the distance between NY to California!).

To tie a belt around this blog entry, let me wrap things up by saying this, as you get dressed everyday this week, ask yourself, could a belt change the look of this outfit? Maybe it’s a blazer with a belt around it, an opportunity to wear the blazer in a new way. My most recent new belt trick is around my puffy winter jacket. Wow! My coat that looked like most puffy coats and could have been purchased off the rack is now an original, a one of a kind! Smashing!!

I end where I started, ah, The Belt! Now, it’s a wrap!

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