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Call me Crazy……

May 2015, Mother’s day, I was driving from Ft Lauderdale airport to my parent’s home in Del Ray Beach. It was an impromptu trip, I had hopped on a plane because I suspected it would be the last time I would see my dad alive. As I drove a random thought popped in my head, “I wish it was 1970”. When I reached his bedside I held his hand, kissed his forehead and again thought, “I wish it was 1970.” I realized this was not so random, in 1970 I was a little girl and Donnie, my dad, was crazy, fun and vibrant!

In May as I held my dads hand 45 years had passed since 1970, the year Love Story arrived in the theaters and I won a trophy for Simon Says at the El Caribe. (My one and only trophy, of course it was for following instructions perfectly!!! The competition didn’t stand a chance against a rule follower like me!!!!). Now it is January 2016 and I am reading a magazine and see Bohemia is back, it is 1970! That is one of the many things I love about fashion, life gets to be a do over and the memories can flood back via tops, shoes and dresses!!!! Of course given the price tag for some of todays Bohemia, no real Bohemian back in 1970 could afford! It’s like makeup, it takes a lot of makeup to look like you are not wearing any makeup. To look Bohemian, it’s going to cost you these days!!

Here is a fashion rule I once heard (heard it in the 70’s in fact!) The rule, so it goes, if you wore a style the first time it came around, you are too old to wear it the second time it comes around! Well, I already told you how much a rule follower I am. But heck, that was in 1970! I’m too old to follow every rule these days!!! Good fashion sense, Fran’s Rule, tells me I should not be dressed head to toe everyday like a Bohemian, but a top or two, now that sounds perfectly fine! Besides, I am not breaking a rule, so much as I am making a rule!! Donnie did a lot of making up his own rules!!!

You heard it here (hear!)!!! A Bohemian blouse is in order this spring. Go for sheer and billowy! The 1970’s (1977 actually, so I take poetic license), gave us Star Wars, and if Lucas can bring that storyline back I can certainly recycle a blouse style!

I will end with this thought, 1970 also brought us Catch 22. Call me crazy? Perfect ending to a story that began with my dad!!! Donnie was crazy in the best of ways. And in the end, Alzheimer’s got him, the ultimate crazy. Donnie’s death taught me many things. Not the least of which I pass along here, go for it…..we never know how long we have.

Closet Shape!

Its cold here in DC, the kind of cold that makes me want to bundle up and stay inside, drink hot tea with honey, and dream of summer. As you count down the months until spring, why not use your free stay at home evenings to get in shape? Closet shape that is!

Personally, I organize and reorganize everyday. In clinical terms, I’m obsessive. I’m not suggesting you take on an OCD outlook to life, if that were the case you wouldn’t need me to organize your wears! However, once a month or at least once a season, either invite me in to rearrange and edit your closet or tackle it alone. I was telling a friend this morning, a closet clearing is like a life clearing, signaling to the universe you are open to more! And more can mean more of anything; clothes, fun, confidence, new friends, new positions, etc.

So many of us are searching, we meditate, exercise, have personal trainers and nutritionists to keep us physically fit, business coaches and advisors to keep us fiscally fit, but often forget that our clothes and wardrobe planning is an equally important component of personal and professional development. Closet clearing is the first step of Wardrobe Planning and a giant step toward creating portals to more of life’s riches.

Guidelines for Successful Closet Clearing:

  1. Do you have a lot, is this the first crack at the clearing, start by season and spend no more than 2 hours at a time.
  2. Take everything out and lay it on the floor or bed.
  3. Decide best way to categorize based on your lifestyle. Examples-by color, by item type (pants, dress, suit, blazer. Etc.). Or by activity (work, play, sports, cocktail, presentation. Etc.). There are tricks and tips to the categories if you are stumped watch for future posts or call.
  4. Before putting anything back, check for stains, tears, proper size. Set aside those that need cleaning; toss those that are not proper size, in need of a lot of repair and especially the things that no consignment shop will accept. Exceptions of course include those items with high sentimental value. Maybe frame those or some other creative use.
  5. Have items that are perfectly good, don’t feel like consigning? Have a clothing swap! One mans garbage is another mans great find!!!


  1. If you use clear boxes for storage, line sides with photos and then it also serves as photo album. I have my shelves stacked with storage boxes and my photos are taped around inside edges, thus it’s like an open photo album. How can it not be a good day when it starts with me choosing what to wear and as I peruse the closet I see a photo of my son as a baby, or us on a great vacation?!
  2. Do the stare test. Close your eyes and open. The minute your eyes are open do you get a good feeling? Yes, eureka! NO, what is out of place, fix it. I do this everyday and see new possibilities each time, as I rearrange, hang things better, adjust hangers, etc., it’s a form of meditation for me!


SWAY. How is yours?!

I just finished reading and in process of re-reading Ori and Rom Brafman’s book, Sway, The irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior.

Have you ever had difficulty ending a doomed relationship? Have you ever held on to a plummeting stock? The Brafman’s reveal forces that skew behavior and derail thinking. We are all susceptible and subject to sway.

“Staying the course”, Brafman’s write, “simply because of a past commitment hurts us in the long run”. What does all of this have to do with image? Everything!!!

Many of us have enjoyed tremendous success in our life. Sometimes however, we do not stop to reevaluate. What worked one day, may in fact need updating the next. If we do not continually tend to our style we become victims of our own success. We overlook the need for change because we are committed to doing things, keeping things looking like they always did.

I recommend reading this book. It is highly insightful. One of the examples cited as “sway” was a medical misdiagnosis. A team of highly trained physicians made a decision that contradicted their years of training and ultimately resulted in the death of a child. “The moment the physicians labeled Amy’s mom a ‘frequent flyer’, they fell under the spell of an irrational force we call the diagnosis bias-in other words, the moment we label a person or a situation, we put on blinders to all evidence that contradicts our diagnosis.”

The minute we walk in a room, sway is in place. The “diagnosis bias” begins before we utter a word, those first 7 seconds I always harp on!!! If you are diagnosed as competent, smart, leadership material, then, your audience will see nothing else! Obviously, the contrary is also true.

Our personal image needs attention so that we continually offer the world a correct picture of our true talents. Sway in the intended direction, the direction of truth. How is your sway?????

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