The 2016 Emmy Awards…. Take it to the Streets!

Last night was the 2016 Emmy Awards. By early morning the critiques were in, Best Dressed/Worst Dressed.  If you google “fashion” today, the top stories will be some variation of the best and worst motif. I asked myself, as a fashion lifestyle blog, what does Looks Speak report on today without either being redundant or ignorant?  What is left to say about who dressed best and who was a disaster? Or, if Looks Speak overlooks The Emmy Awards completely, we look like, “sorry, your mommy’s just a dumb dumb”. We say we are Looks Speak, yet didn’t realize the Emmy Awards were on last night? That “dumb dumb” quote was a funny only my own mommy can understand! And no, Sheila is NOT the dumb dumb. If you must know, it is a quote from I Love Lucy, Sheila will get the reference and since the only person I can count on to read Looks Speak faithfully is my own mommy, I like to send some messages in a language only we can understand. Like, “wear the purple dress”, or “some of us look good in hats” (head nod to Marcy on that one!). And, if you want in, keep reading faithfully and we all will be speaking in code!

Emmy Awards #SaraHyland, "Monique LHuililer #Looks Speak

Emmy Awards Sara Hyland, in Monique Lhuillier-Take it to the Streets!

After hours of trying to resolve the dilemma, what I decided, is to report on the “LOOK” from last night that not only worked on the red carpet, but can be (with a few tweaks), additionally perfect for the streets. After all, this is what Looks Speak is about! Looks Speak dresses real people, living real lives. Yes, Looks Speak readers and clients attend their fair share of significant events, galas, fundraisers etc. And yes, that may mean something out of the day to day norm as seen at the Emmy Awards last night. However, overwhelmingly, the spirit of Looks Speak is about fashion and style that fits the person, their lifestyle, and their goals. To that end, Looks Speak today chose a look from last night’s Emmy Awards to discuss that can be taken to the streets!

Sara Hyland, from Modern Family was dressed in Monique Lhuillier. Cropped straight black pants and what was essentially a tunic. What a marvelous look for fall!

You can start by assessing your summer dresses. Which of your dresses can also double as a tunic? More than you think will work!!! Lay out the dresses, hike up a pair of skinny jeans and start trying on some combos. You will look fabulous!! Then, if the weather starts to get chilly (for some it already has), start layering. And not just the layering as in over the dress. Of course, one way to drag your dresses into fall, is a simple leather or faux leather jacket over the look. But do not overlook layering that goes underneath the dress. Say a long sleeve crew or turtleneck. A cropped jacket as the outside layer would be awesome. And a sheer long sleeve turtleneck for an inside layer is a nice transition. When the weather gets even colder, do the layer underneath as well as on top. Voila summer becomes autumn, becomes winter!

The 2016 Emmy’s, Take it to the Streets!

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