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New Finds!



Just as I think I have run out of purchases and great new places to purchases these must haves, I am always amazed and delighted with new finds. It’s like being in the heat of summer and trying to imagine ever needing a winter coat again. Well, okay, it’s December and it’s been so warm I still cannot imagine needing a heavy down coat, heavy sweater, or heavy anything! But it’s coming, all of it, the cold, the need for a sharp winter coat, the next great find!!!!   Here are the new finds from 2015. And, as I continue to scour the planet for exciting ideas and pieces for every client, here are the Top 10 FINDS from 2015:

2015 Best NEW FINDS!

  1. Ted Baker-all things!
  2. Massimo Dutti, Zaras upscale sister
  3. Men’s coats that can be worn over suits as easily as it can over jeans
  4. Avocado green (not for everyone, autumn guys and gals mostly)
  5. Comfort One Shoes (really, I wondered in by accident, who new?????)
  6. Target for home furnishings (another “who knew?”-I should have known, I love shopping Barneys NY and mixing Target and TJ Maxx for clothes, so why not do the same for home furnishings?)
  7. Speaking of home furnishings (see this list #6), as I feather my new nest I am reminded and pass along these tips: use colors from your personal color palette to enhance your look, pink light bulbs and streamline, streamline, streamline!!! Did I say streamline?!)
  8. L’oreal foundation (although ONLY place in DC to have your makeup done and purchase the right makeup for your best image-Bill Whited!!!!! He has fabulous foundation, got some for my mom! I needed some in a pinch and was pleasantly surprised with L’oriel.)
  9. Planks (great for abs)
  10. ____________(LEAVING #10 Blank, there are still more hours in 2015, I want to remain open!)


2015 Worst

1-10 Platform sneakers.

Jazmin and I gave you this tip over two years ago, why are people still wearing and buying????


2016 Anticipating:

  1. Finds from Israel, India, Spain and South America
  2. Key Finders, Phone Finders and all things low cal, low fat, fat burning, great tasting!!!!!!!



Great Crib!

I promised to tell you more about my great crib, aka apartment! Now I use the word “crib” not to be all hip and cool (by 1960’s standards). Literally, my apartment is the size of a crib! And it’s in Washington, D.C., not NYC where at least in NYC many people live in a shoebox and its considered standard fare. I am a minimalist at heart so the size suits me. I am a big fan of zero waste!!! I literally have everything I need within arms reach and everything does triple duty with no duplication of efforts! If I see something I “must have”, I make certain I do not already have something serving the same purpose.

My choices are to forgo anything that serves the same function as the item I currently possess or donate the one I already have if the new one can serve more purposes, including if it is more aesthetically pleasing!!! It is very freeing and I highly recommend the lifestyle!

On Thanksgiving I cooked dinner for seven, in a miniscule oven. (Okay, mostly Whole Foods did the original cooking, but I did a fantastic reheat!). The oven only had room for the turkey. I cooked (reheated) the side dishes in beautiful pots on the stovetop. The pots went from stovetop to table. I opened up my folding table that typically resides in my hall closet, used recyclable and disposable plates, napkins and glasses and utilized my desk (which is on wheels, a grey feature for small spaces) for the appetizers. At night I opened the queen size blow up mattress and my niece and nephew slept over.

I love this place! There is a social room with a huge TV, a fitness room and a fantastic laundry room! And as if all this weren’t heaven enough, I am only steps from metro and within walking distance to everything!!!! Come visit, I will reheat something delicious!


First Impressions



What do first impressions and fitbit surge have in common? According to my fitbit surge, (have I not told you about the surge??? More on him on a separate post), Surg-e-o, tells me it take 17 seconds to walk my apartment end to end! Forget for a moment how ridiculously wonderfully small my apartment is if it only takes 17 seconds, to walk it end to end. I prefer the notion, NY chic, right here in Washington D.C.!!! (I do LOVE my apartment and everyone who works here, but, to spare you my non linear thoughts, I will blog about my fabulous crib on another post). The point is, do I have a point?17 seconds is more than twice as much time as it takes to form a first impression! Before we utter a word, first impressions are the impressions that last, so you better make it work for you! Surg-e-o tells me I do not even burn a single calorie in 17 seconds, yet you have already formed an opinion of me in seconds less!

And, get this, once someone forms that first impression, they consciously judge you, subconsciously seek evidence to support their judgment. So when you or I walk in a room and someone thinks “loser” “winner”, they go on looking for evidence to prove how smart they are support their initial criticism evaluation.

We spend endless hours preparing for a presentation and a nano second on what message our outer appearance communicates. O, we might think we are a great dresser or that what we wear is of little importance, and yet clothing sends signals, there are universal messages which color, fabric, lines and patterns, send.






Visual presence matters because credentials alone will not get you respect, confidence, command or that job, promotion or date, you really want.

Visual Presence + Credentials = Success.

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