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Closet Fitness!

Closet Fitness!!! Who knew? Closet editing, aka, shopping in my own closet, trying on articles of clothing, mixing and matching, trying on new combinations, making new outfits out of old with new pairings, getting dressed and undressed……………guess what I discovered???? According to my reliable fitbit surge, I burn more calories in an hour in my closet than I do walking at a brisk pace!!! My brother suggested I do a workout video. I could be the Jane Fonda of closet fitness!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, closet editing not only provides a well organized joyful closet filled with new and exciting choices, it is also a way to stay fit. A double benefit, you are so fit, your clothes look even better!!! Now that is what I call a great workout!!!

Your closet is your best friend, next to the most fabulous shade of lip gloss or the power tie of course! A well thought out, strategic closet, where wardrobes are made and stored, make dressing simple and fun. Last minute party invite, no problem, I made three new outfits yesterday with items I already owned! Procrastinated until last minute to plan for that important presentation, no problem, I can wake up and choose from any number of combinations I created, photographed and catalogued for just such an occasion! I love it when a plan comes together!!!

I will give you my tip of the day for fun, effective closet fitness. Personal image stylists are like personal trainers, they spot and guide you, but they also teach you to work out on your own should you be that self motivated!. So if you are planning to dive in your closet today, try this, think winter. It is always most effective to start with the current season, this way, if you run out of time, at least you have next couple of months covered!! And don’t hesitate to call or send me a photo if you are stuck, sometimes a little help goes a long way! And, stay tuned to this Looks Speak blog, eventually I will discuss how to have virtually an entire wardrobe which can be worn regardless of the season.

Closet Fitness, whether you are a novice or pro, it is the foundation to all Looks that Speak your intended message!!!!

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