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Perception Management on Capitol Hill

Strategic Solutions for Perception Management-

A Congressional Staffer wrote Roll Call’s, career advice column, Hill Navigator, asking if the negative comments regarding bright clothing was a hint to cease and desist wearing such colors. As a personal stylist, impression coach and color analyst with a long and accomplished career both as stylist and as former Publisher of a capitol hill newspaper quite familiar with Congressional offices, allow me to add some thoughts. Since the comments were overtly negative, I would have to say it was not a hint, it was as forward as they come. Secondly, since the Staffer admitted she has heard this from more than one person and was so moved to write Roll Call’s Rebecca Gale for advice, it requires strong consideration.

Here is my take. Capitol Hill may be the rule setting body of the land, however, when it comes to rules, clothing gives Congress a run for its money!!! There are some strong, definite rules about clothing! Now, for those of you who do not know me, I am by no means, pardon the pun, buttoned up! I love fashion, I love coloring outside the lines and I most definitely march to the beat of a different drummer! With that said, I understand and respect the effect colors, and clothing has on one’s potential, their leadership capabilities, ability to move agendas and the way others react to you in general. It’s a bit like abstract painting, you need to know what rules you are breaking and why, otherwise it’s just a hot mess on canvas versus a Jackson Pollack. The public may never notice when you are following all of the nuances of the rules, but they surely notice when you do not follow the rules!!

In addition to the rules, color itself is very very important. The right colors can make you look fresh, awake, alert. The wrong colors can make you look washed out, tired, old, disheveled, cheap. Every person’s personality, body type, fit and colors are unique. Colors send signals, there are the aforementioned personal best colors as well as the fact that certain colors convey universal meanings. It is worth having your colors evaluated by a trained color consultant. And for the Staffer who wrote in and others wanting to maximize potential, I highly recommend a color and wardrobe strategy evaluation. Having a dressing strategy saves time, money and you will find supports you in meeting objectives.

Your LOOKS SPEAK. Wouldn’t you want them to say something winning?????

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