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Audrey Paudrey!

Audrey Paudrey is a beautiful, intelligent, kind, warm and all around lovely young woman!  She is proof we are never too experienced to learn from someone much younger. While teaching Miss Audrey how to perfect the art of applying make up, she taught me some things!  Next time you see me at a black tie, pay close attention to my makeup, I will be having Miss Audrey apply for me!!!

Last Sunday Miss Audrey shared some notes from a recent article she read.  I will share with you because they are valuable tips! And, watch this blog, I will regularly include Audrey Paudrey tips under the heading :  “AP SPEAK!”.  Ms. Audrey truly understands the power of how one’s looks, speak!!!

Here is todays AP SPEAK, retold by Miss Audrey from an article she read:

-Women who wear makeup make 11% more money than those who do not wear makeup

-Women should spend 15 minutes every morning applying makeup

-15 minutes applying makeup, the same amount of time a man takes to shave





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