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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Looks Speak

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Here at Looks Speak I always say, Looks Speak, do they speak your intended message. Now even the Senate is talking Looks Speak!

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand tells People Magazine how her Looks Speak!

A recent People Magazine article quotes Gillibrand.  “ ‘If I look and feel good, I’m more positive and confident and people are more likely to listen to me, Gillibrand writes in her book. ‘If more people are listening, I have more power to fight effectively for what I believe in.’ ”

There now, it is a matter of public record!  Looks Speak and people listen! Outer appearance does steer outcome and accounts for one’s level of effectiveness.

Everyone knows, as the former Publisher of The Hill, I am non partisan, but I do agree with the Senator!  She must be reading the Looks Speak Blog!!

Positive Images


On Friday night I discovered my website had been hacked. Who in the world would want to hack an image firm? Perhaps they are looking for an image makeover! All they had to do was ask! Instead I was left with the challenge of a website do over.

The irony is, I have been toiling away at my desk for months trying to get the site to a state of perfect. I would obsess over changes to the site every morning from 5:30 AM- 7:30 AM, then again from 10PM-1AM. On Thursday morning, the day before my site was compromised, I sent an email to my friend and fellow image consultant in Brazil, telling her, I only had one more finishing touch and I could put the paintbrush down. And I meant it! I finally saw my ability to exhale on the horizon. I was just one sub nav bar away. Instead, I must have mistakenly interpreted my vision of exhale. There was exhale, that is true, but more like a primal scream!

So, another friend, turning all my motivational bravado back in my face, told me, this is a sign of something better. Better? What? Are you kidding me? I believe in signs, I believe I can read signs. However, how do I know this is a sign that signals a positive message? Then, the ah-hah moment! I got it! It is a sign. It is a test. But I am the test giver, the teacher that grades the test and the student who takes the test. It is up to me to define setback or set forward. Wherever I focus is where I will go!

I love my website, so I decided to take a giant step forward! Emerging are some big visual changes. And after all, I am in the business of visual presence! Keep your eye on this site., or easier to type, All roads lead to CIC and the Looks Speak process.

Watch for a new logo, more me! It is clean, crisp, modern, professional and unique. I have taken the traditional look, which I love, and given it a hint of punch! Like wearing a crisp tailored dark suit with an unexpectedly modern shoe, smashing tie or red gloves and a red handbag. I love the Capitol, whenever I drive down North Capitol Street and see the dome, I still, after all these years, get chills. Thus, I love that my logo carries the dome as much as I love being part of the D.C. fabric. And now, when the new logo is unveiled, you will still see the Capitol I love so well, but you will see it in the most artistic rendition ever! Tradition with a twist! I am very excited! Thinking of hosting another party! (YOU WILL ALL BE INVITED!).

The new logo is just the beginning! The upset has turned into an artistic display of treasures! Lesson learned, read the signs as positive. Then go do the work! POSITIVE IMAGES SPEAK POSITIVE RESULTS. Now where have I heard that before? (In case you missed it, it has been sitting on my home page beneath the slider all this time!)

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