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Summer Finds

Summer Shopping

I fully intended to report in today’s blog the wonderful bargains and must haves to complete your summer image. However, my trip to four different stores came up a bust! I was hoping to direct everyone to some great finds. Instead, let me share my top 5 picks for summer image. This week will be women, next week men. These are the items I recommend.

Looks Speak DMAE, Tom Ford, shift dress

1.Go light on eye makeup, stick with neutrals with just a dusting of pink or coral.

2. Lip gloss instead of lipstick

 If you are giving a presentation to large group, or appearing on TV or video, then tips 1 and 2 need modification. Heavy up a tad, play up eyes, nude lipstick with gloss on top.

3. Shift dress, buy a 100 of them, perfect on a warm day, dress up or down. Obviously only buy one or two. But they are great.

4.Tom Ford eyewear

5. A NUDE PUMP. There are 1,000 shades of nude. The idea is to match your skin town. A bare leg and nude shoe elongates the leg .

I promised 5, but here is a tip for photographs or just every day. Pat BarDavid gave me this hat tip: DMAE. Absolutely erases wrinkles!! Works so good I bought 6 jars! (I am gifting three to Pat!)

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