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Dressing in Living Color!

Living in Color/Dressing in Color


Black. Head to toe Black. Varied fabrics, its black, toned down with more black. Black is easy. Everything comes in black and you can wear black boots or shoes, and presto, you are done! Dressed! Well, not exactly. Sometimes its perfect, sometimes, not so much (black).

The Little Black Dress. I will always love black, but I am branching out! Dressing in color. Think about it! Color is harder. Dressing in color involves the right value, the right intensity, the right match, and endless angst over the shoes. No blank canvas to dress up or down. Right? WRONG!

Admittedly, dressing with color done well is not for the meek. There is a science and system to selecting the colors which make you look young, healthy, refreshed verses those that dull, make you look tired, and pronounces the circles and discoloration under your eyes.  Some colors are perfect for power meetings, other colors for when you want to dial it down, be more approachable. And my red may or not be the red that is your red! (“This land is my land, this land is your land………..”)

Jeff Koons, play doh, Whitney Museum Looks Speak blogRemember the book Color Me Beautiful? The whole 80’s, getting your colors done thing. Back then you were told you were one of the four seasons. “You are an Autumn”, end of story and it was a life sentence!!!! (Remember my Autumn blog post? This is what I was eluding). No matter how much people mocked “getting your colors done”, secretly, most everyone wanted to know theirs!

Assessing your color in this day and age, when done correctly, by a trained professional, is accurate, precise, liberating, fun!!!. (Can you think of any great color analysts?? No??? Visit my website!) Today we borrow from the four seasons model because in fact it has some very good features, but we have systemized and expanded the range of testing.

All that to say, hey, have your colors done. Still wear black, still wear your favorite blouse, but be aware of the “rules” you are breaking (and not get caught!.). Get creative! Most of the talented abstract artists knew what “rules” they were breaking. The more they knew, the better their work!

Get color!


Let’s hear it for Autumn!! For all of you seasonal color analysts and enthusiasts (which I happen to be), I am not referring to the 1980s version of typecasting us to one of the four seasons. Besides, the science on that has expanded! The color wheel and how to wear black is a future blog!!!autumn fashion looks speak

So I repeat, let’s hear it for Autumn! Have you cleared your closets to make room for Autumn? A new coat is a must if you live in Washington D.C.! And, if you bought a new coat last year, or you simply love your coat, let’s talk. I have an idea for you!

In the winter, what happens as we run from car to office or car to events or dare I suggest, walk to our appointments? (Yes, I dare say it! More on that at another time too!). You may have a fabulous outfit beneath your coat, but mostly people see us in our coats!!! And, how about when we hand our coat to be checked at the hostess stand? Or, worse yet, when we pick up our coats from the hostess and our best client, date, peer, or what have you, sees you wrap yourself in that coat! Think, what does your coat say???? We will talk dressing strategy very soon, so come back to Looks Speak! Also on the near horizon, we speak podium presence. See you then!!!

Public Image

Have you ever heard a recording of your own voice only to say, “that is not me”? Well, it is you. There are more scientific ways to explain the phenomenon, but suffice to say, when we speak, we are hearing our voice coupled with vibrations passing through our skull.  The recording naturally does not include those latter vibrations. Thus, the recording is how everyone else hears us!public image looks speak

Our speaking voice is distorted to ourselves, as is our visual image.  What we see in the mirror is a distorted version of how we actually look to others.  We are looking at a mirror, thus a second generation as compared to looking directly at someone. When we look in the mirror, we are not looking at what everyone else sees, we are looking at a reflection of our image not the real thing! If that is not enough data to convince you how important it is to work with an image coach, how about this? To make an impact, hence really affect outcome, only 7% of what you are actually saying creates the impression and only 38% of how you sound creates impact.  So stop worrying about how you sound on a recoding device and get busy looking for an image coach because what really moves the needle, 55%, more than half of what creates an impression is dependent on how you look! I like to say your LOOKS SPEAK!!!!! Do they SPEAK your intended message?

Fear not! LOOK no further, that is what I am here for! And this Looks Speak blog!!!

As your image coach together we will identify the elements of your appearance that directly affects the way you think about yourself, which in turn determines how you act, which in turn determines how others react to you. How you look can be superficial, no doubt.  But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about achieving results, accomplishing goals.  An image coach makes it possible for you to feel secure about your appearance because your look has been crafted especially for who you are by an expert. You do not need to give your looks a second thought.  An image coach, assists in minimizing obsession on self. I am also not talking about you turning into someone you are not. The “Looks Speak” methodology works with you to create a look that is authentic and which commands respect, trust, authority, and meets your objectives in every single situation of your life.  Our perception of ourselves are distorted, hence we are least qualified to judge ourselves!! That is why even coaches use coaches!!


HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!

happy fourth-of-july the capitol image counsel looks speak

Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! How fitting that LOOKS SPEAK has launched this time of year. I say “fitting”, (no pun intended) because to me Independence came in the form of fashion and style and continues to do so. Through fashion I was always able to express my creativity and demonstrate my individuality. Also through fashion I maintain excellent health via nutrition and physical activity. Because, when we are in clothes that speak to who we are it boosts confidence and your actions follow suit.

The WSJ had a column last Sunday that asked six individuals to discuss Independence. Ironically, and also “fitting”, one of the six was a hero of mine, Diane Von Furstenberg. I urge everyone to read the WSJ piece and in particular, Diane Von Furstenberg’s take. Von Furstenberg’s mother was in the Nazi concentration camps. “Independence is the most important thing in my life”, Von Furstenberg writes. She goes on to say, “ I found my independence through the business of fashion, and through my wrap dress I was able to share that independence and confidence with a lot of women.” This is exactly what I do as an image consultant. It is what The Capitol Image Counsel specializes in and this LOOKS SPEAK blog is aimed to help women and men find and express their voice! I love to help others look good, maximize their potential, and achieve their desired results!

Appearance, looking good the way I envision it is not about vanity and obsession. To me fashion is also not about what is “in”. When we feel good, when we know are value we look good we feel good. I see fashion as an exquisite tool to help us accomplish goals and to feel great! How we feel about ourselves is a cue to others, what we project is how others in turn perceive us. By being mindful, it allows us to define ourselves rather than letting others define us! And that is independence!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!



Welcome to the launch of The Capitol Image Counsel (CIC) blog!!

What is Image?  Why is it important? This blog will be speaking to those questions and answers. Whether you are an individual or an organization, identifying your goals, establishing an authentic image congruent with those goals, then building and maintaining your image is critical for achieving your desired outcomes. We will dig deep on this and more!!!

CIC, a public image and strategy firm for both individuals and organizations, addresses verbal and nonverbal communication. The verbal side of the house is usually more apparent to folks, especially professionals.  CIC provides marketing and media for organizations. This blog aims to shed light on some of the less obvious forms of communication, the non -verbal, which CIC also specializes in.  In fact, the combination of traditional and non-verbal communication is in part what makes CIC unique and effective.

Washington’s professional understands the value of communicating the right message. CIC helps organizations and individuals develop these tools. But not everyone realizes they are communicating a message before saying a word. CIC understands. No one would walk into a presentation without a perfected pitch and well polished materials. So whether you are an organization or an individual, do not detract from all you offer with a look that doesn’t fit. We must pay attention to our appearance, we must make sure our appearance is communicating what we want to convey: a statement of confidence, authenticity and success. As we progress with this blog we well concentrate on this non-verbal piece of communication. We have named this blog “LooksSpeak”.

 Your LOOKS SPEAK.  Do they SPEAK your intended message?

In studies, only 7% of what you say makes the impression and 38% is determined by how you sound. Therefore over half, 55% of your impression is how you look.  LOOKS SPEAK!

So read us often, send comments, call for more information on how CIC provides personal image coaching.

Thank you for reading this blog!!!

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